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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The environmental industry in British Columbia is comprised of over 1,350 companies generating US$ 2.3 billion in revenues. The sector includes: environmental construction, recycling, and solid and hazardous waste management, consulting services, water and wastewater goods and services, renewable energy, air pollution and noise control, analytical services and green building and sustainable urban planning.

British Columbia’s Environmental Sector By Cheryl Schell/Helen Lu, 2/2009. U.S. Commercial Service.

The declining focus on pollution prevention is spurring more energy-efficient and cleaner technologies for application in the primary resource, manufacturing, energy and service sectors. BC’s environmental business has evolved into a complex and rapidly changing network of sectors no longer focused on “endof- pipe” solutions to treat pollutants released into the air, soil or water. The sector now includes an extensive array of engineering, analytical and design services designed to help business incorporate environmental considerations into their production processes.

An industry assessment of the water/wastewater industry concluded that BC has the potential to become a world leader in this area. Over 330 companies are involved in the manufacture of small to mediumsized water and wastewater treatment systems; storm water management; and groundwater remediation and water reuse technologies. Demand in these markets will be fuelled by emerging water shortages, the deterioration of water quality due to population growth, industrialization, lack of adequate sewage systems and excessive use of agricultural pesticides and fertilizers.

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