World Energy Outlook 2006. International Energy Agency’s (IEA). Email
Written by Katja Rauhala  Updated on 22 September 2009  

World Energy Outlook 2006. International Energy Agency’s (IEA).

Energy Policies of IEA Countries. IEA, 2006 Review. Email
Written by Katja Rauhala  Updated on 27 October 2009  

Energy Policies of IEA Countries. International Energy Agency’s (IEA), 2006 Review.

Korea: New and Renewable Energy Industry Email
Written by Katja Rauhala  

Korea is the world’s 10th largest energy consumer, and has virtually no domestic energy sources of its own. It imports 97% of its energy sources, and is the 6th largest oil importer in the world. To reduce its heavy energy dependency on foreign fossil-fuels, the Republic of Korea Government (ROKG) has launched a series of plans to promote the development and use of new and renewable energies (NRE). The Korean industry has positively responded to the government initiatives by investing in and building more and more power plants using such alternative fuels. Though the Korean Government is making focused investments to address the lack of core technologies and experience in NRE, the Korean power plant industry is constantly seeking imports of advanced technologies, providing ample business opportunities for U.S. NRE companies with innovative technologies.

Environmental Goods and Services: A Synthesis of Country Studies Email
Written by Katja Rauhala  Updated on 19 July 2009  

This study presents a synthesis of 17 country studies on environmental goods and services (EG&S) commissioned by the OECD, UNCTAD and the UNDP. The countries examined are Brazil, Chile, China, Cuba, the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Kenya, Korea, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Thailand and Vietnam. Its aim is to identify determinants of demand for EG&S; to show common themes and experiences in the EG&S markets of different countries; and to draw attention to key trade, environment and development policy linkages. It also seeks to contribute to the exchange of expertise and experience in the area of trade and environment so that liberalisation of trade in EG&S can benefit all countries, developing and developed alike.

IGES: Environmental Industry Development In Selected Asian Developing Countries Email
Written by Katja Rauhala  Updated on 21 July 2009  

The report focuses on the Environmental Industry (EI) in four selected countries of the Asia-Pacific Region. The countries selected are: China, India, Indonesia and Korea, representing different stages of EI development.

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