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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Maryland Asia Environmental Partnership (MD-AEP) bridges public-private partnerships to address the massive water, energy and pollution prevention issues throughout the Asian continent.

A Holistic Approach to Environmental Management Issues

MD-AEP is catloging private sector clean technology resources and project funding vehicles in anticipation of providing holistic environmental solutions to Asian decision makers.  In addition, MD-AEP is coalescing Maryland government, academic and trade groups who have a vested interest in helping Asia solve its energy, water and pollution prevention needs.

MD-AEP offers Asia decision makers a central hub where they can find relevant environmental expertise from Maryland businesses, government, universities and trade groups.

MD-AEP offers Maryland organizations one place to gather market intelligence and key local contacts related to Asian country needs in the energy and environmental sectors.

Additionally, Maryland stakeholders of MD-AEP will become part of broad spectrum of Maryland public and private sector experts whose expertise and resources can be collectively marketed to Asian decision-makers, U.S. government commercial agencies, private and multilateral banks focused on Asia.  Through MD-AEP, Maryland can provide Asian countries with a broad package of public-private resources to their needs.

Our Goals

  • To connect Maryland stakeholders with Asian decision makers
  • To provide the most current clean technology resources
  • To promote environmental lessons learned from pubic/private sector projects in Asian countries

MD-AEP Stakeholders

By joining this dynamic organization you will have a unique opportunity to access key Asian decision makers and environmental business opportunities.  MD-AEP takes a sophisticated approach to its business engagement as we look to bridge Maryland-Asia partnerships from a local country standpoint and solve environmental problems with sustainable business outcomes.


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