Environmental Industry
Synergies between Trade in Environmental Services and Trade in Environmental Goods Email
Written by Grant Ferrier  30 April 2009  

Joint Working Party on Trade and Environment: SYNERGIES BETWEEN TRADE IN ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES AND TRADE IN ENVIRONMENTAL GOODS, OECD Trade and Environment Working Paper No. 2005-01 by Ronald Steenblik, Dominique Drouet and George Stubbs.

Classification of Environmental Goods and Services Industry Email
Written by Grant Ferrier  30 April 2009  

The environmental industry is defined by OECD and Eurostat (1999) as comprising of three
main sectors: Pollution Management, Cleaner Technologies and Products, Resources Management.
For this study, both Pollution Management and Cleaner Technologies (but not Products) were amalgamated.

Structural Change and Performance of the German Environmental Sector Email
Written by Grant Ferrier  30 April 2009  

The paper tries to assess the direction and the main driving forces of the structural change of the German environmental sector from a theoretical and empirical perspective. The empirical analysis is based on data of the establishment panel of the Institute for Employment Research in Nuremberg from 1998 to 2005.

Environment Industry: Business Sector: Statistics Canada Email
Written by Grant Ferrier  29 April 2009  

This report presents estimates pertaining to businesses involved in sales of environmental goods (including environment-related construction) and environmental services. These estimates are based on data collected via the Environment Industry Survey in combination with data from several other Statistics Canada surveys and data sources.

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