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Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation

WaySearch 230 - 1700 - 75th Ave W Vancouver
British Columbia
V6P 6G2 Canada
Phone: (604) 267-6000
Fax: (604) 276-6005
Email: info@dynamotive.com

Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation was incorporated in 1991. The Company is one of the leaders in the development of technology for the production of BioOil. BioOil is produced by converting organic residues such as forest (e.g.sawdust, bark) and agricultural wastes (e.g., bagasse) in Dynamotive's patented fast pyrolysis process.

BioOil is an ideal clean  fuel because it is greenhouse gas neutral, does not produce SOx(sulfur dioxide) emissions during combustion and produces approximately half the NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions in comparison with fossil fuels. Dynamotive’s process does not require feedstock that has alternative food use.

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