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Maratek Environmental Inc.

WaySearch 8-60 Healey Rd. Bolton
L7E 5A5 Canada
Phone: (905) 857-2738
Fax: (905) 857-2764
Email: cdarcel@maratek.com

Maratek Environmental Inc.'s mandate is to develop new technologies for the prevention of pollution in the Graphic, Printing and Photographic industries. Maratek Environmental will focus its development effort on reducing, reusing and recycling both wastewater and photo-chemicals in all areas of these industries. This company develops technologies, utilizing the experience of Water Technology International Corporation in the application of leading edge technology in the area of wastewater treatment.

There are over 10 installations in Printing applications across Canada, including North America's first "zero effluent discharge" plant at Transcontinental Printing, on Annacis Island in British Columbia. Maratek Environmental Inc. is continually researching and developing new technologies and applications for these technologies, which will help Printing industries meet the growing demand for environmental compliance. This complements our international development plan.

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