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SHEC Energy Corporation

WaySearch 2214 Hanselman Ave Saskatoon
S7L 6A4 Canada
Phone: (306) 956-2225
Fax: (306) 956-1144
Email: tbeck@shec-labs.com

SHEC LABS, through its proprietary thermo chemical hydrogen generation technologies, is one of the leaders in the development of hydrogen generation systems.

SHEC LABS' technology harnesses the heat energy of the sun as well as conventional heat sourced to produce hydrogen from natural gas and water. The abundant energy of the sun is sufficient to provide all of the energy needs of humanity many times over. Hydrogen is a perfect energy carrier that can be transported anywhere in the world.

Large scale hydrogne plants are been designed for application in the energy sector and in large scale production of ammonia and heavy oil upgrading.

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